TO2-233 PPM Oxygen Sensor (For use in CO2)
TO2-233 PPM Oxygen Sensor (For use in CO2)
TO2-233 PPM Oxygen Sensor (For use in CO2)

TO2-233 PPM Oxygen Sensor (For use in CO2)

Southland Sensing Ltd.
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The TO2-233 PPM Oxygen Sensor provide's high levels of accuracy, reliability and linearity throughout it's measurement range's. 

The sensor is capable of measuring oxygen from 0.01 parts-per-million up to 25.0%.  For maximum life and performance, we recommend to use it when monitoring oxygen < 1000 ppm.

The TO2-233 series oxygen sensor is designed for us in acid gas streams such as a CO2 or natural gas background gas.

Southland Sensing Ltd.'s direct fit replacement electrochemical galvanic "micro fuel cell" oxygen sensors are known for their quality, performance and exceptional value. 

Southland Sensing Ltd. designs and manufactures oxygen sensors that have the same principle of operation as disclosed in US Patent Nos. 3,429,796 and 3,767,552. 

The oxygen sensors operate under the same principles as those currently being marketed by other manufacturers. 

Varying performance advantages to the SSO2 sensors can be attributed to minor modifications in dimensions, connections, and packaging. However, the principle of operation and the basic components remain the same.

Sensor Technology: Micro Fuel Cell
Measuring Range:
0 - 1 PPM (Min)
0 - 10000 PPM (Max)
Accuracy Full Scale:
+/- 1% of Signal
Operating Temp:
0 to 50 deg C
Expected Life:
20 - 25 Months


12 Months

Cross Reference

Direct Fit Replacement:

The TO2-133 is a competitive drop-in replacement for a variety of brands in the market.  The TO2-133 is a complete drop in replacement, no modifications are needed.  Simply remove your old sensor and re-install the new TO2-133 Trace Oxygen Sensor in your analyzer (similar to replacing a battery in a flashlight):

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Analytical Industries Inc. (Advanced Instruments)
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