EMD-485D Economical Oxygen Monitor
EMD-485D Economical Oxygen Monitor
EMD-485D Economical Oxygen Monitor

EMD-485D Economical Oxygen Monitor

Southland Sensing Ltd.
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Economical Oxygen Transmitter Kit

- Kit Includes Electronics Board with Display, TO2-1x PPM Oxygen Sensor and H6 Sensor Housing KF-40 with 6 ft. Cable (NW40F)

The model EMD-485 oxygen transmitter combines a rugged electronic design with SSO2’s precision oxygen sensors. The result is a highly reliable and cost effective compact design with easy-to-use user interface.  This is an ideal package for a University or R&D lab that is looking for a low cost but reliable Parts-Per-Million oxygen analyzer.

The transmitter comes with a variety of options, which makes it configurable for a large array of applications. This unit in particular is primarily designed for inert glovebox applications as well as 3D metal printers.

The oxygen sensor used in the EMD-485D is based on the galvanic electrochemical fuel cell principal. All oxygen sensors are manufactured in house by Southland Sensing Ltd. under a strict quality program.

The standard cell (TO2-1x) is unaffected by other background gases such as H2, N2, Ar, He or Hydrocarbons. 

The sensors are self-contained and minimal maintenance is required - no need to clean electrodes or add electrolyte.

Calibration: The 2nd range on these units is 0 - 25% as these units can be calibrated with ambient air (oxygen content typically 20.9%) or a certified span gas.  Calibration should be performed every 2 - 3 months or as needed.

Accuracy: < +/- 1% of Full Scale Range*
Analysis Range: 0-10/100/1000ppm/1%/25%
Digital Communication MODBUS RS485 ASCII
  • OEM Package, Includes electronics, sensor and sensor housing.
  • TO2-1x PPM Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor.
  • H6 Sensor Housing, KF-40 (NW40F) 6 ft. cable.
  • 3D Metal Printing
  • Inert Glovebox Applications

Click Here to download the PDF.